Enhance your 3D printing experience with prototypes printed in different colors, or guarantee a natural-looking interim restoration with additives for characterization.

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  • Accessories


    2 Products
    Yller also develops an exclusive line of accessories, which facilitate the use of all our materials. Besides being totally connected to technology, they add quality and much more practicality to your day-to-day procedures.
  • Adhesion


    4 Products
    The development of adhesion technologies is part of the Yller DNA. Its researchers have almost two decades of scientific research in the area of adhesion, with dozens of articles published in several international journals. Yller adhesives are developed focusing on the triad: high adhesion, longevity and biocompatibility.
  • Cementing


    2 Products
    Cementing is a fundamental step in the clinical protocol of indirect restorations. Yller bet on an advanced technology to bring new cementing agents. An ideal cementing material must present satisfactory mechanical properties, adhesion to dental structures and restorative materials, low solubility and adequate viscosity, and these characteristics were developed with great care by us. Furthermore, our cements are amine-free, which…
  • Laboratory


    4 Products
    All that is most expected from a prosthetic job is perfection and quality in the work. For this, Yller invested and sought the best technologies for the development of cutting-edge materials.
  • Molding


    9 Products
    A comprehensive family of addition and condensation silicones, for molding all clinical situations. Yller impression materials deliver results with precision and stability with different viscosities.
  • Prevention


    1 Product
    The goal of prevention in dentistry is to help people achieve excellent health, eliminating chances of future oral diseases. To achieve this goal, dental professionals must work together with their patients, and make available the best methods and products to fulfill this function. Thus, Yller has a line of high preventive power.
  • Restoration


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    Conservative restorations are more than a must, and for this we need materials of great credibility and superior quality. Yller's basic premise is to develop products that are capable of providing stability and longevity to your restorations, as well as solving what patients are most concerned with - aesthetics!
  • Temporaries


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    For Yller, temporary restorations also deserve attention and improvement, for this reason we present innovative and extremely high quality products. Check them out.