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Cosmos Castable DLP

Resin for Castable 3D Printing


Cosmos Castable resins are designed for laboratory use on castable models. Cosmos Castable is suitable for use on castable models that can go directly into the casting process. It is extremely easy to work with and leaves no residue after the casting process. It can also be used for metals.


Suitable for the production of 3D prints that can be burnt.

Compatible with printers

Once again Yller is at the forefront! For over 12 years we have been working in research of resin materials applied to dentistry. And nothing more fitting than to be the company that anticipates the future… We are the first dental industry to manufacture resins for 3D printers in Brazil. We introduce here the product line that was born with the excellence expected by the best professionals: Cosmos!

cosmos: print the universe

qualidade Outstanding print quality
You get maximum detail, perfect for professionals who demand high-quality prints.
brilho Low viscosity
Cleaning 3D printers can be a time-consuming process depending on the resin used. Cosmos resins have low viscosity, which makes cleaning the equipment easy.
movimento High Speed Resins
Our resins feature high polymerization speed and print quality!
Shore D Hardness 82 > 80 ISO 178
Density 1,1 g/mm³ - -
Viscosity 700 - 1200 cps - -
Flash Point > 95°C - -
Resíduo após ignição < 0,01% - -

DLP technology

The DLP Line was developed for printers using digital light processing (DLP) technology. It also uses light to polymerize the resin, but in this case the printers project the layer to be printed in a single image that leads to polymerization of the resin stored in the vat.

various indications

DLP technology can deliver faster prints, since each layer is exposed to the projected light of the image at once. It is indicated for rapid prototyping, product development, dental models, among other features.
The DLP Line resins can be used by dentists who use printers with DLP technology, such as WANHAO, KLD, Miicraft, EnvisionTec, among others.

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