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Cosmos Castable SLA

Resin for Castable 3D Printing


Cosmos Castable resins are designed for laboratory use in castable models. Cosmos Castable is indicated for use in castable models, which can go directly to the foundry. It is an extremely easy to work resin and leaves no residue after the firing process. It can also be used for metals.


Indicated for the production of burnable 3D prints.

Compatible with printers

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Once again Yller is at the forefront! For over 12 years we have been working in research of resin materials applied to dentistry. And nothing more fitting than to be the company that anticipates the future… We are the first dental industry to manufacture resins for 3D printers in Brazil. We introduce here the product line that was born with the excellence expected by the best professionals: Cosmos!

cosmos: print the universe

qualidade Excellent print quality
It's possible to get the most detail, perfect for professionals who demand high quality prints.
brilho low viscosity
Cleaning 3D printers can be a time-consuming process depending on the resin used. Cosmos Line resins have low viscosity, which facilitates equipment cleaning.
movimento High speed resins
Our resins feature high polymerization speed and print quality!
Shore D Hardness 82 > 80 ISO 178
Density 1,1 g/mm³ - -
Viscosity 700 - 1200 cps - -
Flash Point > 95°C - -
Resíduo após ignição < 0,01% - -

SLA technology

The SLA Line was developed for printers that use laser stereolithography (SLA) technology, a method that uses light to solidify a light-curing resin. In this case, the printer’s laser reaches the resin that is stored in the vat, leading to polymerization of the material. The process occurs layer by layer until the desired model is formed.

varied indications

SLA technology provides an ultra fine surface finish. The advantage of this printing method lies in the quality of the model obtained: higher level of detail, higher resolution, in addition to superior finishing quality. In general, SLA printing is suitable for more complex and curved shapes.
SLA Line resins can be used by professionals who use FormLabs printers.

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