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Cosmos TEMP

Resina Biocompatível para a Impressão 3D de Provisórios


Cosmos TEMP was developed to ensure an impression of temporary teeth with high quality precision. Available in A1, A3, B1 and Bleach.


Impression of temporary teeth.
ANVISA: 81009350022

Compatible with printers

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Once again Yller is at the forefront! For over 12 years we have been working in research of resin materials applied to dentistry. And nothing more fitting than to be the company that anticipates the future… We are the first dental industry to manufacture resins for 3D printers in Brazil. We introduce here the product line that was born with the excellence expected by the best professionals: Cosmos!


Cosmos Temp resin allows the dentist to print teeth easily and conveniently.
Scanning of the preparation can be done from plaster models or directly from the mouth. The resins have mechanical and functional properties that are suitable for impression taking of temporaries.

qualidade Outstanding print quality
You get maximum detail, perfect for professionals who demand high-quality prints.
fluidez High Speed Resins
Our resins feature high polymerization speed and print quality!
rapida Low viscosity
Cleaning 3D printers can be a time-consuming process depending on the resin used. Cosmos resins have low viscosity, which makes cleaning the equipment easy.
varias Various indications
Cosmos has resins for many different uses! Whether for dental models (Cosmos Dental Model), vulcanizations (Cosmos Castable), castable models (Cosmos Castable), surgical guides (Cosmos SG), general prototyping (Cosmos Grey).

The resin is presented in A1, A3, B1 and Bleach colors, and has excellent bonding between the print layers resulting in excellent print quality, strength and dimensional stability.

Another advantage is in the processing of Cosmos Temp, since Yller resins have low viscosity, facilitating equipment cleaning, and are resins with high polymerization speed.

Resina Acrílica Termo
Resina Bisacrílica Auto

Resistência à flexão

87 MPa > 60 MPa ISO 20795-1 72 MPa 85 MPa
ELASTIC MODULUS 2200 MPa > 1500 MPa ISO 20795-1 1850 MPa 2250 MPa
RESIDUAL MONOMER < 0,1% < 4,5% ISO 20795-1 2,30% 0,30%
Density 1,1 g/mm³ - - - -
Viscosity 700 - 1200 cps - - - -
Flash Point > 95°C - - - -
Performance cerca de 500 provisórios unitários - - - -

compatível com a sua impressora

A Cosmos TEMP, assim como toda a linha Cosmos, trabalha com impressoras que operam em comprimento de onda entre 250nm e 410nm, sendo compatível com as principais impressoras do mercado! Compatível com impressoras das marcas Wanhao, Moonray, Envisiontec, Anycubic, KLD, Flashforge, Rapidshape e Miicraft!

Caso queira receber mais informações sobre a resina, ou conhecer mais sobre o nosso portfólio, entre em contato conosco! Você pode nos contatar pelo e-mail ou pelo chat, estamos prontos para atendê-lo!

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