Scan Regular

Medium Fluid Addition Silicone for Molding Refinement

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Silicone has fluidity, allows versatility and control in the application, the medium viscosity allows the dentist to apply it in several clinical situations.


– Molding for indirect restorations;
– Molding of edentulous arches;
– Molding of implants and their components;
– Matrices for diagnostic wax-up and assembly of study models;
– Impressions for occlusion registration;
– Matrices for temporary and definitive restorations;
– Silicone for semi-rigid models.
ANVISA: 81009350002

the ideal viscosity for your molding!

A complete family of addition silicones for molding in all clinical situations.
SCAN molding materials allow obtaining molds of extreme precision and stability and are presented in different viscosities.

adesao_ybondmono_02 excellent dimensional stability
Scan silicones have excellent dimensional stability, which results in higher copy fidelity.
silicone-especiais_scan-bite5 high copy capacity
Perfect capture of the anatomical details in the impression.
cimentacao_cimentacao-01 vivid colors: better visibility
With the vivid colors of the scan line, it is possible to visualize every detail of the impression. Ideal for conventional procedures and scans.
cimentacao_cimentacao-04 high tear strength
Easier handling of the mold, with reduced risk of tearing.


Replacement cartridge

The package contains:
1Scan Regular cartridge 50 mL
6 self-mixing tips

complete solution (200mL)

The package contains:
1 Scan Putty pot
(100mL base + 100mL catalyst)
1 Scan Regular cartridge 50mL
6 Yellow self-mixing tips
2 measuring spoons

complete solution (600mL)

The package contains:
1 Scan Putty
pot 300ml (base);
1 Scan Putty pot 300ml (catalyst);
1 Scan Regular 50mL cartridge;
6 yellow auto-mixing tips;
2 measuring spoons.

ISO 4823 Type 2
Total Working Time (23ºC) 1:45 min
Time in Boca (37ºC) 4:00 min
Dimensional Stability 0,15%
Elastic Recovery 99,5%
Dureza Shore-A 52

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